Random thoughts on a homemaker's journey

Celebrating a Goal Accomplished!

on October 12, 2012

Last Saturday, by God’s grace, I accomplished a goal. Not just any goal. A goal that until this summer, I would have never considered. I participated in a 5K. I ran almost the whole distance. Well, I use the term running loosely. More like jogging…or as a friend describes it: bouncy walking. But, nonetheless, I DID IT! In spite of only being able to run 2 or 3 times in the month preceding due to a family emergency.

I know some who consistently experience a runner’s high may wonder what’s the big deal? I assure you, it was a big deal here! I have never been considered athletic. I never enjoyed sports or PE class. I never felt like I measured up physically. And, don’t even get me started on the one time I was brave enough to try out for the softball team in high school. A few times in my life I have enjoyed athletics: tennis in college and tae bo workouts.

I hear that voice in my head. (Do you have one too?) I think it’s my junior high persona. She tells me I hate exercise. She tells me I’m bigger than everyone else. She tells me I can’t do this. She tells me I’m not as cute as that other runner at the park. But you know what? I may not be as cute as the other girl at the park. I am not as fast as the other runners. I am bigger than some and smaller than some. BUT, I realized something on Saturday! I was doing it! I was running with other people. In a race. In public. Without a bag over my face. And…wait for it…I was enjoying it!

Training this summer, I began hearing other voices. (I know, scary!) I heard my friend who ran her first 5K in the spring telling me I could do it and to pray for help and pray to enjoy it. I heard my friend who trained to run with me telling me to persevere.  I heard my husband offering to switch the laundry when he got home, so I wouldn’t have the excuse that my running clothes weren’t washed.

I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment. I enjoyed knowing that I exercised self-discipline over the months to prepare. I was excited to realize that God gave me grace to persevere when it was hard. Did I like it? Well, finally, yes, after 4.5 months, I liked it. Do I consider myself a runner? Not really. But, you know that girl in my head? I squashed her Saturday and that was the best part of all!


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