Random thoughts on a homemaker's journey

A Gift of Eleven Years

on October 13, 2012

We are celebrating our wedding anniversary this weekend. Our celebration will be simple: pizza (because we have a coupon) and a movie at home probably. Maybe we’ll wander around somewhere enjoying fall colors. (Have I mentioned how glad I am we got married in October to enjoy God’s beauty EVERY anniversary?) But, our celebration is really much more than that.

We are celebrating ELEVEN years. We are celebrating God’s grace in our lives to bring us to this point. We are celebrating God’s gift of life to allow us to continue our walk together this long. We do not take this for granted. We have watched others around us go through divorce and experience the death of a spouse. We know it is not in ourselves to bring us to this point. We thank God for our life together.

I am also celebrating some other aspects of our anniversary. I am remembering various times along the way that are etched in my heart. Moments of my husband’s care to me,  laughter, learning, and even pain. Most of all, I am overwhelmed at my husband’s patience toward me and his quiet strength. I am thankful to see how much we have learned and grown these last years.

I pray that God gives us many more years together. I am blessed beyond measure. I hope I don’t ever forget that.


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