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Adoption: Are you aware?

on November 2, 2012

November is known as Adoption Awareness Month. Quite honestly, I grow tired of all the “awareness” campaigns. However, I don’t want to let opportunity slip by. For our family, I also think it is fitting that adoption awareness month is the same month that many people focus on gratitude. We are beyond grateful for adoption, its place in our family, and how our perspective has grown.

So, I’ll ask you: How aware are you? Do you realize that adoption grafts a child into the family tree? Making them one of the family…not an add on. Are you aware that an adopted child is yes, a REAL son, daughter, sibling, cousin, grandchild? (And, are you aware how painful comments alluding to their non-biological “realness” hurt?) Are you aware of the process parents go through to adopt? Are you aware of the number of children needing to be adopted? Are you aware of the invasive questions parents must answer on the adoption application?

I will also ask: Are you aware of the blessing of adding children to your family through adoption? Do you know how best to assist your friends going through the adoption process? Do you ever educate yourself on the huge global need of orphans? Do you realize there are so many opportunities to be involved in orphan care even if you “are not called to adopt.” Have you ever considered the eternal aspect of adoption for Christian families that is vastly more important than the immediate physical family aspect?

If you are not aware of these things, I encourage you to become aware. Seek to learn. Ask questions. Read. Pray to ask God to show you where your attitude might not please him regarding adoption. Some may even need to face their fear and discern why they are not aware of these things. Perhaps some avoid the issue because it is painful.

Is November the only time to be aware of adoption? No, but it is certainly a great time to begin! Awareness is not enough; but it is a beginning. Our awareness precedes our action.


One response to “Adoption: Are you aware?

  1. Good way to start November! These are great questions–many that I do not think about, even though my niece is adopted.

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