Random thoughts on a homemaker's journey

What do you like to do?

on November 2, 2012

“Well, what do you like to do?” That should have been a simple question. Why could I not answer her? My sister was trying to help me write a bio. I could think of all the things I “do” throughout my week; but what do I like to do? I felt like I’d become one of those people that had “lost themselves.” I remembered all the activities I used to enjoy. I thought about some new activities I was discovering and learning to enjoy. I thought of all the things I do for my family. But, none of it seemed to fit “What do you like to do?” I was taken back and began to think about it.

I remembered all the things I used to enjoy doing; but never seem to get to anymore. I felt like “I” had disappeared. My personal identity and tastes. Yes, I was “wife”, “mom”, “daughter”; but where was ME?! Satan can quickly jump on this and send us to the “maybe I should go back to my career” place. Or the “I need more free time.” Or, “How does SHE do it all and still find time for leisure?” Or, I’ll just drown these feelings in chocolate.

But, my friend, this is not where God wants us to stay. God showed me that he has me right where he wants me. And, yes, some days it is difficult here. But, why is it that we expect difficulty for our overseas missionary friends or full-time ministry friends; but expect our assignment to be easy? Giving to our families includes daily laying aside ourselves. It involves seeing our reactions, attitudes, and words through God’s eyes not ours. Seeing our to do list through his eyes not mine. And, he showed me that through these new identities and responsibilities, He has grown me through his grace.

A mom friend of mine once said,”This is a season. It does not mean life will be like this forever.” As I ponder this, I realize that in this phase of life I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies. I also realized that if I work at time management I do find more time for things I enjoy. Do I think moms need their “own” time to catch up with themselves and reboot? Of course. That is only healthy.

So, I remember: I like to read, write, and scrapbook. I also enjoy tea, candles, coffee, and chocolate. I enjoy pretty things even if I try to minimize at home for sake of function. I enjoy entertaining. I love friendship. What do YOU like to do?


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